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115.2.2 cannot receive POP3 email

Making moves

I am no longer able to receive POP3 email after updating to 115.2.2. IMAP still works just fine, but not POP3. I don't want to just vent my frustration to criticize TB, which I like and have depended on for many years, but to restore POP3 functionality ASAP. How?


Making moves

This is driving me mad. I have spent hours trying to find the answer. You're the first person to describe the same problem I have. I even changed to an IMAP account that seems to work but I don't want all my old e-mails stored on a remote server. Not understanding how IMAP works, I have already lost some important e-mails by deleting them from the server and finding that they also disappeared from the local inbox.

Mozilla, please fix this.

Making moves

Finally - After many fruitless frustrating hours, I found another thread covering the same issue, where a kind soul suggested configuring the servers in offline mode. So, I thought I would try that but I didn't even get that far before the solution was found.

I followed File>Offline and was presented with a popup asking if I wanted to download mail before going offline. I clicked Yes and was then asked to enter my password. I entered the password and ticked the box to have Password Manager save the password, clicked OK and, miraculously, my e-mails were downloaded. So I then exited the offline process, sent myself a TEST e-mail and clicked Get Messages. It worked! So Thunderbird is back in business - at last. I then checked  Saved Passords and found that the POP3 login is now listed.

Mozilla, if you are reading this, please note that there is some sort of problem with the Thunderbird 115.3.3 setup procedure whereby it does not save the POP3 login parameters.