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Will Mozilla do anything to protect Web standards?

Making moves

I recently learned that Mozilla was involved in activism.

To me, it would seem that the most important cause a Web community should be fighting for is upholding and protecting Web standards against commercial corruption, given that users have been gradually losing control and privacy over the last 30 years.

I believe Web standards should ensure the following principles:

1. By default, all users look identical to the server, with no identifiable information passed back

2. By default, all functionality is disabled other than basic navigation (clicking links/buttons)

3. By default, no website may interfere with or change user controls, including the context menu

4. By default, no website may have access to the clipboard, key strokes, or any other local data or input methods other than mouse clicks within the browser window (while it is focused)

5. If any site requires permission to go beyond these standards, a simple and friendly dialog appears, allowing the user to quickly choose which functions to allow for this site temporarily, permanently, or (if they wish) for all sites permanently

6. All content which appears in a website must be freely inspectable and downloadable. If a website wants to display undownloadable content, this must be specially agreed by the user.

7. Web standards must be strictly protected with a view to upholding user privacy and control. Changes may only be approved if they are universally agreed to be in no way detrimental to users' control or privacy



I don't think my websites would comply with your standards...

There are some web standards bodies that create the framework for how user agents (like browsers) will work, and that strongly influences how websites work. You could look into how to participate in those organizations' processes. However, web standards are not laws, so if a site makes it difficult to download its content, there's not much browsers can do about that, except to figure out how to make it easier for users to work around common tricks for that.