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Why do we only have one real search engine

Making moves

There are many search engines out there except google. Like yahoo, bing, duck duck go, brave, qwant and the AI driven Perplexity. So why do we only have one of all of them, and the other choices i can make are websites? I don’t know if there’s more than one way of finding which search engines fx supports. But as i use firefox for ios, i cklick the browser menu>settings>standard search engine. There my choices are google, wikipedia sv, Prisjakt which is a site where you compare prices, and ebay. No other search engine than google in sight.


Familiar face

You can scroll to the link that says "Find more search engines" and see if there's anything you like or you can go to about:config and add this line "browser.urlbar.update2.engineAliasRefresh" and set it to true, this will make the add button in search settings reappear.

Thanks for your solution. But i’m no programmer and i use ios. I also just discovered the add search engine button. I’ve added brave and qwant to my list.

You don't need to be a programmer to use about:config, alas I'm glad things worked out for you.