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Where did the message count in Thunderbirds message tab go?

Making moves

Missing counters Thunderbird.jpg

Where did these counters go? Any method to enable them again?


Making moves

In 115, there is a menu next to the New Message button in the Folder Pane in Mail. You can click on Show Total Message Count to display the total messages. This is not in the same place, but can give you the same information.

Thank you. Didn't know these options where there. I found even the option to show the size of folders. Of course it is only visible when I close the mail tab, so the initial 'problem' still exists, but the answer to that is given by Agentvirtual below. I can open messages in a new window next to the folderpane, this will give the same functionality.

Re "In 115, there is a menu next to the New Message button in the Folder Pane in Mail.", for me there is no "New Message" button.  This is 115.3.2 on Windows 10. 

There is a "Write" button in the header of the main Window (the same line as the minimise, maximise and close buttons at the right). 

I've read but that is even more confusing.  I do not know what the "message header area" is (I always display mail headers by clicking the "View" menu and selecting "Message Source").  I don't know what the "meatball menu" is.  The only menu named after a food item is the hamburger menu to the left of the minimise button, which I never use because actual menus ("File", "Edit", "View", etc.) are available.

A partial solution seems to be to view the "per folder" message totals.  To do this you need to turn on something called the "message list header" (which is a silly name, because message headers are a completely different per-message thing).  Searching "Settings" for "message list header" does not help either, but a web search finds , which is the solution (View / Layout / Message List Header / Tick).


Note that as I write this, the accepted answer (that you can no longer see this information) is wrong.

Thank you for the links. So in short, the developers removed the information from the status bar and it isn't coming back. That is solved then.


That's just a series of animated gifs; it's impossible to see what is happening.  As I have already said, on Windows there is no "New Message" button.

Nothing in the two screenshots you have posted here shows the total number of messages per account.