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What happened to dates, times and Instagram reels/vids on my sites?

Making moves

Recently, I had a couple of Firefox updates which I okay'ed.  Lo and behold, I can no longer see dates on my Facebook posts.  Additionally, I was getting Instagram videos to which I enjoyed.  Now they are gone. Is this the result of Firefox actions to protect us, limit options to protect us from hacking, etc?  I would like to know. And, too, I want to continue wit the dates and times along with the Instagram videos.  I had good luck, was not careless and alert to potential problems.


Kindly provide the info and feedback about this problem.  Yes, it is a problem.  Is there any way to opt out of an update once you accepted it? Can yo delete it?


Thank you,



Making moves

I got the same problem too


For the Facebook post date/time links, they seem to have changed one of their scripts recently, and it isn't working correctly in Firefox (current or older versions). There is a bug on file with Mozilla, but until this is resolved by one of the two companies, you can inject a style rule fix into the page. Here are two links for more information:

Could you describe the Instagram problem in more detail -- are these on the Instagram site or are they videos in your Facebook feed?