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Volume on the browser.

Making moves

Hello there!
I'm not sure why, but the volume on Firefox browser is tad bit low. I'm playing the same video/audio links on Chrome and it sounds louder. For some reason, I can't raise the volume to the desired level but I can with Chrome! I would like to stick with firefox and not need to switch. Please raise the volume!


Making moves

Thank you for sharing your feedback @JF1 

I did a quick search in Bugzilla and found a few common bug reports relating to Firefox's volume mixer. I recommend signing up and adding your issue to an existing bug where this issue has already been raised.

Another possibility is that your problem is related to a compatibility issue with your operating system's audio driver. In that case, you may need to update your audio driver or make changes to the audio control panel in your operating system.

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i am having the same issue.  And having issue with firefox not reconizing my bluetooth headset. works fine in the other browsers.

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i made sure that my firefox browser was up to date.

Also this seems to be a few months old. since no one is taking this seriously. im just gonna use a browser that supports audio and my bluetooth headset.