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Use of a professional personal certificate issued by the Postsignum authority

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Use of a professional personal certificate issued by the Postsignum authority, which is placed on the token - USB token TokenME, TokenME EVO to electronically sign an email
Good day , I have a token with a qualified professional certificate issued by Postsignum - located on a USB token: TokenME EVO.
I use Bit4id-PKI manager for it. I have a constantly recurring problem that when I want to electronically sign an outgoing email in Thunderbird even after entering the password for the certificate on the token (without encryption - I don't want to encrypt emails) - then in the account settings - end encryption - security device - I have to constantly repeatedly load - file C /Windovs/System32/BIT4XPKI.DLL - to be logged in . Furthermore, I have to load the personal certificate for the electronic signature repeatedly and again several times in the Account settings - End-to-end encryption / With MIME. If I don't do this repeatedly, it is not possible to send an electronically signed email - with the message: "The sending of the message failed. Unable to use an electronic signature. Please check that in the settings of this account you have entered a certificate that is correct and trusted by mail."
It seems to me that THUNDERBIRD behaves in a non-standard way even though I already have it set up in Account Settings - End Encryption Security Device - for the PKCS#11 Library - with the file BIT4XPKI.DLL I have Thunderbird version 115.9.0 (64 bit) Please help, the constant problematic reloading from the token is really tiring. Thank you for your help