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Unread message font is too heavy and square. Thunderbird 115

Making moves

If there is a place to change it, I couldn't find it. 

Something like Roboto Medium would be less strenuous on the eyes for unread.  It's a little more vertical and thinner as well.  Read messages is good. Maybe if Unread was switched to medium instead of bold it would fix the sea of black in my Inbox even at default density.

Thunderbird 115 default unread.JPG    current Tbird 115

Roboto Medium.JPG    Roboto Medium comparison

pasting images doesn't transfer well but you can see the difference in the weight especially.

There are other typefaces that are similar as well.




Making moves

I agree. I have the same perception about (the card view in) Thunderbird 115. At first I thought there was no difference between the read and unread message fonts, but I looked harder and there is a slight difference. The fact I had to look harder means the font change is not doing its intended job to convey the different statuses between messages.

I would request some way to make the fonts or font weights contrast more so that it's obvious I already read a message. For me right now, it's also a "sea of black".