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Thwarted In Uncovering Means To Blacklisting Sites / Domains From Search Using DDG

Making moves

Using DuckDuckGo as my only search engine, most returns have become increasingly front-loaded and top-heavy with hits of Pinterest-type and Amazon-type sites. For the increasing number of platforms like the former example, I strongly prefer being allowed to blacklist any entity requiring registration or 'joining' to view content. For other searches I want at least the ability to temporarily eliminate selected sites from results, either at first pass, or searching a second time with unwanted returns filtered out.

In researching, I have come across MANY others attempting exactly the same, and all have consistently remarked Mozilla / Firefox / DDG as one origin where this appears to be systemically ruled out as a capability. And in fairness for those other browsers / search engines where eliminating selected sites from search results had been reported possible, what would get posted as a successful procedure and worked one day consequently got reported later as no longer working.

Reviewing Mozilla Extensions with keyword 'blacklist' or 'eliminate sites from search' brings up several that appear named and described as applicable to accomplish this. But, all prospects have a relatively minuscule number of subscribers, along with a rider to the effect of "not supported by Firefox'. So, just wondering if there is willful intention to keep this capability from implementation by all users, and if so what the rationale or mandate is connected with it.