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Thunderbird Supernova

Making moves

Adjusting column width in list views is a pain in the A...
How do I change the view such that the whole date/time field is visible, along with all other columns?
Why Supernova? - the old "theme" worked well enough - don't change a winning team ...
Regards, Mike



Making moves

Yeah, column resizing seems a bit twisted.  It's trying to auto fit everything so you can't really give the last column a specific size.

You got my vote

Making moves

I can fully agree with this opinion as well. Struggled trying to get column widths like I wanted them, without complete success. I am NOT going to upgrade anymore of my devices until this issue is fixed!

Making moves

And for one with a glasses it's a real torture!

Making moves

With Supernova it is impossible to adjust column widths in the mailbox view in a way that is close to my expectations. With any attempt to change the width of a column, Supernova adjusts the width of all other columns in an unwanted way as well, which never leads to what I need.
Can you please leave column width adjustment to the end-user?
And when will this defect be repaired?

Making moves

Leaving a comment for when anybody finds a fix for this issue.

Making moves

Also leaving a comment to get any fix posted here.

Making moves

Having the same issue as others.

Making moves

Enable Legacy User Profile Customizations

  • Open the Config Editor: E.g. Tools -> Settings ->Search "config" -> Select "Config Editor..."
  • In "Search preference name", enter "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets"
  • Set the value to true (default false)

Making moves

I tried it and didn't notice any appreciable change. I wonder what did change...

Column width settings are more than difficult to set!

Making moves

Column width settings are more than difficult to set!

An exercise in frustration!!!!!!!