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Thunderbird: "Move to $folder again" annoyance

Making moves

With the recent Thunderbird update to supernova (115.3.2), a new button has appeared when right clicking folders, labelled as "Move to $folder again".

Not only does this button not provide any confirmation before performing the move, but it can't be moved/disabled to prevent accidental misclicking.

5 times this week (both at work and home), I've gone to "Mark as read' a folder only to move it into a random folder, requiring me to manually undo the change and ultimately trigger a full IMAP resync for that folder.

This is driving me up the wall, I have to make a conscious effort when "Marking as read" folders to not accidentally move the folder instead and I still make the mistake when caught off guard.

Surely moving entire folders is not a task that's performed often by people to the extent it requires it own button? Let alone a button without any confirmation.


Making moves

Did you ever get an answer?  This has happened to me so many times I am almost ready to dump Thunderbird.  I would at least like a confirmation of the move to stop this from happening.  Or an add on that works to do this.

Never got an answer, however they did remove it from Thunderbird in an update some time since.

Making moves

I did this today by accident, where can I find the folder to restore.  Been trying to find it with no luck manually

Making moves

Update: Looks like they've removed this from the menu some time recently. Huzzuh.