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Thunderbird loses and damages pdf attachments.

Making moves

I have had an email from my pension provider. It should have had three pdfs attached. It had only two and one of those was damaged. I went direct to my email provider website and was able to get them from there. But Thunderbird only downloaded two of them, and one of those it corrupted. This is not the first time it has happened.




Making moves

I had the same problem when downloading emails with attachments from yahoo imap using thunderbird.

For now I have found the workaround of disabling mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks in Tools => Settings => (scroll to the end of the screen) => click on "Config Editor" (on the bottom right side)

I found this workaround here:

But I don't know if this setting has any side effect.

Making moves

I tried the fix and no luck.  Actually, if I open the attachment immediately, it is there but after 2 minutes not good any more!  Very frustrating.  I may have to ditch Thunderbird and just work with Outlook.

Making moves

Me too. Win11 and TB115.6.1 64bit.
Using my mobile to download attachments as a temporary workaround.
Hoping in an easy fix soon...

Making moves

My Thunderbird is up to date (Windows version  TB 115.10.1 (64-bit))

PDFs cannot be opened in TB and also when downloaded to my computer cannot be opened.

They can be opened in  MAC Thunderbird (on a different machine).

Making moves

My manager has reported this problem to me several times (PDF cut off or totally corrupted).
However, he does NOT use Thunderbird but Outlook and indeed, the attachments are in good condition in the original mail provider.
I deduce that the problem is due to the quality of the network: when there is a cut or irregularity at the time of transfer, the attachments are corrupted.
We recently switched to fiber optics, and since then we've had no new cases.