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Thunderbird drafts autosave are creating too many copies

Making moves

The autosave function in Thunderbird, instead of overwriting previous drafts, is making extra files every single time it does an autosave, AND they appear in the "conversation threads" as if they were a relevant part of the discussion ... why on Earth would I need to see a dozen copies of the same draft as it evolves, AFTER it has also been sent -- meaning the sent version which is already part of the thread, is the most recent (AND ONLY RELEVANT) copy of all those drafts I am ever going to care about in a discussion thread ... what needs to happen is to ONLY have the most recent draft in that thread AND remove it from the thread once it is actually sent AND give the option to remove all drafts after it is sent (no point keeping them when there is a copy in 'sent' folder ... AND it needs to stop saving extra copies, and just overwrite the last ... this has been going on for quite a while, didnt anyone notice??


Making moves

I've got the same problem. Wrote an e-mail yesterday and it took me some time, because I did some things in parallel and after I've send it I had three drafts in the drafts folder for no reason. That's really annoying.