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Thunderbird - Block IP from Header

Making moves


I get some annoying Posts in my inbox Thunderbird. Always from the same IP which I can see in the email Header.

All Filters are useless, if the spammer inserts my own email address as sender.
I don't want to block my own email address. The only way to block this little pig is to block IPs in the Header which cannot be faked.

An advanced email security must allow to create a list with IPs which make sure, that emails which have these IPs in their header are sent back or are not loaded from the server or are deleted on the server and are not downloaded.
Without this feature there is no way to avoid certain junk mails.

Thunderbird shall have such a feature - It is easy to implement. And i.e. prevent us to get mails from people who claim to be hackers and want to blackmail us to pay on a certain bitcoin account.