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Thunderbird and threads

Making moves

I do not like the latest release. I find that the putting emails into threads most inconvienient nad results in emails disappearing. In the next release please allow the user to switch it off. I am going to look for an alternative after many yearsa of using Thunderbird.


Making moves

Hi - I had this same issue as the Thunderbird team works to meet the needs of it's users.  I am also "anti-thread," and there is an "off."  Set up your primary folder (inbox for me) the way you want to see your email and be sure to set <View> -> <Sort By> -> <Unthreaded>.  Then apply your preferences to all folders for your account (or by folder if you wish).  Thunderbird's flexibility can lead to little things getting lost - it was for me.  This has worked well.


Unfortunately, the  'save preferences to other accounts/folders' doesn't work most of the time for me (I've already submitted feedback on that issue). I also have turned off threads multiple times in each email account that I have but this morning threads came back in several of those accounts. I just went in and reset to no unthreaded... we'll see how long that lasts.

Thunderbird 115.6.0 (64-bit) (I see there's an update and will apply it... see what it does).