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Thunderbird 116 (fr-fr) - Event Panel Header - Design Issue

Making moves


I find the design of the header at the top of the Today panel quite confusing. 

It uses abbreviations for both days and months, and orders things in a non-natural way (for my locale). And this generates embarrassing ambiguities, such as the one in my screenshot. What I read there is "18 Mars" (18th of March) instead of "18 Mardi" (18th Tuesday). I just don't see the small "jul" label which stands for juillet (July) beneath the big letters.

Highlighting that much the day of the week is probably not the best idea. The expected order of components for the date (in my locale) would be: "mardi 18 juillet 2023 (sem. 29)". The 2 most important components are day number and the month.

I would suggest an alternative as in the file attached.

My 2 cents,

-- GFC


Making moves

I agree!!! I wish they would go back to the previous design where I could see the options right above the email message!!