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Thunderbird 115.3.2 annoying if you have more than 1 screen of new messages

Making moves

I recently got Thunderbird 115.3.2.  What is annoying is that if I am reading my email and then delete the email, Thunderbird scrolls down to the last email afterwards.  This is incredibly annoying if you have more than 1 screen of unread emails.  Then I have to scroll up to find where I was and then read the next message.  I recently returned from vacation, so have a lot of email to go through and "read, delete, scroll back up to find where I was" is really really annoying.

Note that if I mark an email as junk, it moves the message to the junk folder, but does not change my scrolling position, which is great.  I don't know why deleting the message doesn't have the same behavior (it used to), but this release broke that.

If anyone knows a setting that would stop this behavior, please share it, otherwise I hope they fix it soon.  It is very annoying.  Are others bothered by this behavior, or does everyone else have only a few items in their inbox?


Making moves

Same annoying behaviour on v 115.3.3 on Mac