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Thunderbird 115.11.0 (64-bit) Bugs - Annoynces

Making moves
  1. For a few years (and revisions over those years) Thunderbird will re-display the last deleted email from the last session / use.  I delete emails, they duly show up  in "Trash", then I "Empty Trash" and close Thunderbird.  The next time I open TB, the last deleted email MAY appear (it happens over 90% of the time but not every time).  Properties->Repair Folder is required to make the deleted entry disappear.
  2. For about the last year an email that was sent somehow reappears (marked as "Unread") in the "Drafts" folder in such a way as the folder is in BOLD when TB is opened in a new session after the email in question was sent.  Properties->Repair Folder is required to remove the sent email from "Drafts".
  3. Since the above rev released, the "Inbox" default display position shows (I think) the last email received before the new release auto-installed, at the bottom of the oldest-to-newest (top to bottom) display regardless of how many newer emails appear and accumulate below it.  Prior to the update, the last entry in the display was always the latest entry retained in the "Inbox" at the end of the previous TB session.  Most irritating to have to scroll down every time to get to the beginning of the newly received emails.

Anyone have any permanent fixes?