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Threats Log4Shell

Making moves


The Log4j vulnerability affects many applications running on Microsoft networks

Modern-day routers are designed to identify devices coming from outside the local area network or LAN by using MAC addresses which are unique identifiers for each piece of hardware connected to the router.

The MAC address is assigned to each networking device at manufacturing time and remains unchanged throughout its lifetime.

That said, it is alarming to see an unfamiliar device connected to your home network. It’s usually an indication of an unauthorized user or hacker trying to gain access to your private network and data.

 Now this Threat continue, crashing down conection to internet, wen your browser say that are suspected trafic in your net work.Even at the Sat. are broad limited speed conection, final consumer take some penalties direct from limited sat transmission

How is this stoped, data sent to all asia ? Main Industries Producers Equipements?

The work to prevent it, are not complete, can we acomplishe it to make a beter safety privacy.