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The use of -webkit-box-orient

Making moves

I do not know if this would be the right place to have this discussion. It is not really a bug or support request, but more of a small "what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is going on?"

I am playing around with CSS and web design. Currently, to do that spiffy ellipsing thing when a block of text is too long, we are supposed to use -webkit-line-clamp, along with -webkit-box-orient while we wait for CSS4 to be fully implemented; at least that is my rudimentary understanding of the property. However, the CSS3 documentation, along with Firefox's Developer Tools, as well as VS Code, indicate that -webkit-box-orient has been deprecated and should not be used. However, the actual line-clamp property coming in CSS4 is not yet supported, and the only way for it to work is to use the deprecated property.

So, my question is: why has this property been deprecated before the full implementation of the new property? Should Firefox (and other browsers) remove the deprecated warning from -webkit-box-orient until the full line-clamp spec is developed?



A lot of things that are deprecated are still in wide use. The MDN article for box-orient says it has been superseded by flexbox. Whether that is suitable for your application, I don't know.