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The "connect another device" option of Firefox desktop and the mobile pairing process

Making moves


Today I decided to finally give a chance to Firefox on Android and after installing it I naturally tried to sync my Firefox account on it. I just wanted to make this post to give some feedback on the pairing process.

When you're on the mobile app and click on the "connect to sync" button of the option menu (I'm not 100% sure about the name of this button), the app then asks you to scan a QR code to connect to your account. If you go then on Firefox desktop, click menu, click on your username, and finally on "connect another device..."  you will be presented to a QR code and after scanning it with the mobile app you will have the impression that the sync to your account is successful, which is incorrect. I don't know what this process does but if you restart the mobile app and go to the menu you'll see that the app is not connected to your account.

The correct way to sync the app is to go on, click on the "Get started" button which redirects to about:preferences?action=pair#sync and then to scan the provided QR code.

I think it's terribly confusing on the UX side that the "connect another device..." does not do the exact same thing despite also displaying a QR code which lures the user into thinking he's doing something correct.

I know that the app says itself to use but people (including myself obviously) are terribly lazy and will prefer to click 3 times on a button rather than opening the browser address bar and manually typing the correct pairing address.