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Tasks with start and due dates in calendar

Making moves

When you enter a task with both a due date and a start date the task is displayed in the calendar on those  days but also all days in between too. It's a bit messy.

Sometimes I want to enter both a start date and due date. For example, my car MOT (UK checkup) might expire on 1st August but you can get it tested any time from a month ahead. If I just put 1st August in I might not see it until too late. If I put in 1st July to allow time, it's not immediately obvious what the actual due date is.

I can imagine different ways to redesign it perhaps as options: Just show the due date; show due date and also on today's date (to indicate 'this can be started now/today').

My absolute ideal would be an add-on that let you choose between displaying everyday, today only and/or due. And changed the task colour from green thru red depending on how far between start and due it is.

Any takers ;o)

Or other ideas?


Making moves

*** Edited original post to make clearer ***