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Support for text and non-JavaScript browsers on webpage

Making moves



I moved my home directory to a separate disk on Ubuntu, breaking the Snap applications including Firefox and Chrome.  No problem, I have wget and curl and a phone browser to get the link. Turns out the web page thinks it is smarter than me and opens the app store rather than providing desktop options that would provide a download link. Dead End.

Attempt 2:

I installed Lynx, a text only non-JavaScript browser and navigated to and was presented with every `<div>` possible telling me to download this file. I did finally find the download I was looking for at the bottom of the page. 

Please add a basic HTML page link to the top of the page pointing to all of the download file links. This would allow downloading the correct file to a phone for later transfer to the final system.

Bootstrapping a web browser is not a simple task and the current site design further complicates it.