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Suggested credentials for subdomains

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Credential suggestions show the credentials for all subdomains (,, etc) without any coloring or separation, it is easy to mess them all and click on the wrong one. I think there should be a clear distinction whether you are suggesting credentials for the exact subdomain or related subdomains. Alternatively, the signon.includeOtherSubdomainsInLookup could be promoted to the Preferences pages, instead of being obscured or possible deprecated in the future.



Making moves

Certainly! Here's the revised answer with added information about LASRS login and the provided link:

The issue you're encountering with credential suggestions displaying for all subdomains without clear separation or coloring can indeed lead to confusion and the risk of clicking on the wrong one. It's crucial to have a clear visual distinction between credentials suggested for the exact subdomain and those for related subdomains to avoid such errors.

One potential solution is to implement a visual indicator or separation mechanism in the credential suggestion interface. This could involve color-coding, icons, or labels to differentiate between credentials for the exact subdomain and those for related subdomains. By making this distinction clear, users can easily identify which credentials are relevant to their current context, reducing the likelihood of selecting the wrong one accidentally.

Alternatively, promoting the "signon.includeOtherSubdomainsInLookup" feature to the Preferences pages could provide users with more control and customization options. By allowing users to specify their preferences regarding the inclusion of other subdomains in credential lookup, they can tailor the behavior of the credential suggestion system to better suit their needs and preferences. This approach ensures that users have the flexibility to adjust settings according to their workflow and security requirements, enhancing their overall experience with the system.

Moreover, integrating LASRS login into the system could further streamline user authentication processes. LASRS, a Laravel package, simplifies social authentication with services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. By leveraging LASRS, developers can enhance the login experience, potentially reducing the reliance on traditional credential suggestion mechanisms. This integration can provide users with additional login options, further improving accessibility and convenience.

Overall, improving the clarity and customization options related to credential suggestions, along with integrating LASRS login, can significantly enhance usability and mitigate the risk of errors when accessing various subdomains. Whether through visual differentiation, preference settings, or advanced authentication solutions, providing users with clear guidance and control over authentication processes is essential for optimizing their experience and productivity.