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Successful Upgrade to Firefox 100.0b7

Making moves

After multiple attempts to perform an upgrade with the Firefox Browser, an upgrade to the current version has been successful.

Seemingly, the issue with Bookmarks not being saved was fixed by selecting a previous Profile.

Referring to posted instructions to convert Tabs to Bookmarks allowed for the manual restoration of multiple Tabs by using the individual links in the newly crated Tabs Folder which had been saved in the older versions Bookmark section before performing the second upgrade attempt.

Like many other Firefox users, I miss the Print Preview option as well as the Verticle LIne Separator for Tabs. It was also surprising to learn that it was necessary to "unblock" access from other sources in order to allow typical sounds, such as 'You've Got Mail," to work.

Firefox automatically re-upgraded itself to Version 100.07b, on the Beta Channel, during a secondary re-launching during the upgrade process. This final step occurred with a brief popup that advised waiting momentarily while new features were being added. This upgrade was from Version 72.

Like others,  I share in the presumption that some changes are completely unnecessary and result in disappointments for many users. Admittedly, this lastest upgrade was far more accommodating and easier than many previous upgrade attempts that were ultimately abandoned. Perhaps the users are being heard. At any rate, Thank You, Mozilla Programmers.