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Making moves

Microsoft is making it complicated to install  or keep Mozilla.

I have used Firefox since it started many moons ago.

This should not happen, we should be allowed to make our own choices.



Making moves

Yep, I agree which is why I contacted my United States Senator to help me file complaints against Microsoft with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. It is not just Firefox, it is any program or app from which Microsoft does not make any money. When you contact any Federal agency through your Senator and/or Congressional Representative, especially if you use both, your issue goes on top of the pile and actually gets action.

If you really want to make a difference, copy and paste the following complaint and save it. Then contact your Senator and Congressional Representitive through their government website, select email contact, help with a government agency, select Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission, file separate complaints with both. You will need to fill out forms which give permission for your representatives to act on your behalf. Encourage other people you know to do the same. Have them reach out to other people to file a complaint as well.


To the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission:


This is a request for you to investigate the Microsoft Corporation located at 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 and make them stop harassing and punishing consumers who use Microsoft operating systems on our personal-private computing devices when we choose to use non-Microsoft programs and apps for personal and private use.


Based on my experience, Microsoft intentionally uses their programs, Microsoft Edge and Bing in particular, to force users to abandon use of non-Microsoft programs such as Firefox web browser, Google Chrome, etc., by slowing down the browsers and programs, making downloads extremely slow or stopping the processes completely and forcing a restart.


Microsoft collects personal data from consumers who use their browsers and other products for the exclusive financial benefit of Microsoft in an effort to attract advertisers and corporate customers to use Microsoft services and products. This personal data, which is obtained while consumers use Microsoft Edge and other Microsoft products, is supposed to be available to consumers for examination and deletion at the consumers’ discretion. Microsoft repeatedly denies consumers access to their individual personal account by preventing the consumer from logging in to their personal Microsoft account. This is completely intentional because Microsoft does not want the consumer to delete information used to attract commercial enterprise to Microsoft services and advertising.


Microsoft makes it extremely difficult and at times impossible to prevent Microsoft programs and apps from running in the background when the user does not want these processes running. Every time Microsoft releases an update, user preferred settings are wiped out and reset to Microsoft preferred settings. Let consumers decide which programs and processes they want installed and running on their private-personal computing devices. Prevent Microsoft from installing Microsoft programs and apps that are impossible to delete and allow consumers to decide for ourselves.


Microsoft does own their operating system, but it does not own my private computer. I purchased my computer with my money for my personal use.


My utility company supplies the electricity and water that I use, but it does not have the right to tell me which appliances to purchase or which brand of coffee or tea I must use. My utility company does not have the right to impede or cancel my utility services because I prefer to use products they do not want me to use; especially if there is financial benefit for my utility company when I use said products or services.


My car is gasoline powered. The oil industry cannot force me to purchase and drive a specific vehicle with specific options because they profit from the sale and use of said vehicle and options. The oil industry cannot discourage or forbid me to purchase any vehicle and include any options I choose for my personal use.


The consumer must have exclusive rights to obtain and use any program or services that are designed for use on a Microsoft Operating System regardless of which company or individual created the program or service. Microsoft must stop forcing consumers to accept programs, apps, and hidden processes that cannot be deleted or controlled by by the consumer.


Microsoft acts like a monopoly that controls the computing industry and consumer choices.


Making moves

If the people in charge were threatened with jail time, I'm sure they would stop their controlling practices immediately.

Filling complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission isn't a permanent solution. Microsoft have been ordered by these Commissions to stop these practices, they do stop for a little bit, but start doing it again and again.

They are doing it right now, I use firefox, have been for years, just minutes ago Microsoft Edge invaded my browser and took control.

The solution has to be severe or they will never listen.