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Stop advertising to us.

Making moves

Selling out to Disney to promote their dumb movie is not a good look. Especially when the ad opens automatically while launching my browser. Is there a way to opt out of this intrusive behavior in the future?


Making moves

I Agree. Being presented with a spamtizement the moment I open my browser is aggravating. That should never have happened. Whomever was responsible needs terminated.

Making moves

Fully agreed, this is way too far.

Making moves

Curious.  I'm not experiencing either a Disney ad nor any other pop-up ad when launching Firefox 98.0 (32 bit) browser on my desktop.  Windows 7 configuration with various ad-blockers Add-on's  in place.

I've read somewhere that it is region-specific. Maybe if you are using a VPN or are not in the United States, you wouldn't see it.

Perhaps region-specific but not using VPN and in Us

Making moves

This.  I'm wasting work time coming here to complain about this.  This is a terrible strategic decision.  Firefox will be known as the browser that launches full screen pop-ups, "so don't use that."  It appears there is no opt out for this.  I've held out using Firefox for years, and even would be willing to pay a subscription, but this is a betrayal and I will switch away if it happens again.

Making moves

Seriously, don't.

It's a setting, thank god, that can be turned off but don't even think about it. Collect my data secretly and sell it I don't care but don't even think about advertising in the browser holy **bleep** I don't want to be recommended a website to visit, I know which websites I want to visit, thank you very much.


**bleep**ing everyone.

Making moves

Had to set up an account on this board just to put out there that this is enough for me to find a new browser. It's already gross having to manually disable a "feature" that advertises to me when I make a new tab, but this is downright disgusting. You guys used to have the good browser, dude. What happened?

People literally use browsers that block things like pop ups and splash page ads.  Advertising is one thing, but this type is a rather large no.