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Still missing add-ons

Making moves

Until today, I had on my Android phone (Android version 12) still Firefox version 68.11.0 installed. Reason for this is that when I once tried to update to the then newest version, it appeared that certain add-ons were not available for that version (Classic Theme 2.0; Cookie AutoDelete; I don't care about cookies). As I find these add-ons essential, I decided to stick with the old version. Using this version, recently a problem appeared with just one website, It started to display permanently a transparent grey overlay on the lower half of the page. In an attempt to solve this issue, I installed today the latest version of Firefox, 108.1.0. But then noticed that the above-mentioned add-ons were still not available. So, with some effort and ado, luckily I managed to re-install Firefox 68.11.0 and the add-ons. To my surprise, also the issue with  the CNN website had gone. But it feels a bit weird that it has to be this way. By the way, another add-on that I use is Ghostery, which is actually available in Firefox 108.1.0. And one thing that annoyed me straight away in this version is that it permanently shows the icon of the default search engine on the left side of the search bar, and that it does not seem possible to turn this off.