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Settings changing when updates install

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I'm getting very frustrated with Firefox changing my settings every time I get an update. Just when I adapt to particular settings I get a new version and everything changes. A recent update took away my home page and hid 90% of my bookmarks. I have still not figured out how to reset my home page or, more importantly, how to get to all my 'lost' bookmarks. In addition, in settings I'm told that my settings are controlled by my 'organization,' even though I'm the sole user of this computer, which lives in my residence! WTF!? Can you please modify your updates so they don't change the user settings? Any suggestions for putting a link to my home page on my toolbar would also be useful, as well as gaining access to the bulk of my bookmarks. I've used and loved Mozilla browsers almost since their beginning, but you guys are driving me away.


Making moves

I have been having the same problem with my browser too.  I see it happening from 1 to 3 times a week and that is getting a little outrageous.  I actually tried other browsers and they are doing the same thing.  I would say it is the OS but Internet Explorer and MS Edge are even worse.  Edge won't even let me access my email account.

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Still an issue.  Seems like every update tries to change the settings for the address bar, whether resetting my search engine, turning on suggestions, etc.  Seems very forced to using Firefox's preferred partners rather than simply no suggestions.  Same with new tab page, I have a blank page but every now and then it is reset back to the Firefox new tab page with all the sponsor links and Firefox's search bar.

I'm not looking to change browsers, I use desktop and mobile all the time since they can be customized to a very simple setup where I can browse the internet without the browser trying to predict what I will look at next. 

But these auto-update settings are just a pain and making me realize Firefox is likely mining a ton of data for their sponsors like every other browser, unlike their privacy promises.  "We care about your privacy, but please stop disabling Firefox Suggest, Top Sites, and Pocket, it makes us and our partners unhappy".  Like all free products, we are paying for it despite Mozilla pretending they respect privacy.

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@JustaddsticksCould you explain more of what is changing after you do an update? I myself haven't ever encountered this problem.

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I'm new in the community but using Firefox from early begin. Sins last 4-5 updates (ESR release) my theme is always changed to standard system theme. It is really annoying! Luckily my bookmarks and add-ons are not involved as @Justaddsticks experiencing.

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I had to shut off updates, it not only changes settings but when I log onto financial sites, it does not remember my username and makes me double authenticate all the time. I had to update policies.json because the update process can't seem to retain anything. Not sure why a program update has to change settings and cookies constantly. Of course, I have to take the 90 minutes to update and put everything back about every 6 months when sites stop working. I use Firefox because I like the bookmark interface much more than Chrome / Edge - but the incredible amount of time invested to deal with updates is making me question if it us still worth it. I have numerous accounts and saved settings all get trashed and make me receive text message to get back on.

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Firefox guys are slowing navigation too: if you do not upgrade, Firefox becomes a nuisance in everything...
So you upgrade and youhave to RE-set all your shortcuts and personal features, memorized "remember-me" wbsites etc.

Making moves

I have stopped updating FireFox.  It makes me mad to see you do not approve of how I want to use you, and not how  you want me to.  The other day for some reason it updated.  I had to go to TOOLS and go through all of the items and change too many of them back to what I want.  I do not want to use you as my Home page, I do not want Pockets, I don't want snipits  I don't want lots of things so I have a mixture of programs that suit the way I use my own computer.  Give me more options and I will stay with you as my browser.  If not I am using DUCK DUCK more and more.  I have been with you forever but I am getting tired of you thinking one size fits all,  In my case it sure doesn't fit.  LEave my settings alone when and if I do upgrade Fire Fox.