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Screenshot detection via browser API

Making moves

Hi, I'm Francesco from One of our main goals is to safeguard images against theft and unauthorized usage. As part of this mission, we are proud members of the Content Authenticity Initiative - a community of media and technology firms, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders dedicated to advancing an open industry standard for verifying content authenticity and origin.

I want to highlight the importance and potential benefits of implementing a screenshot detection feature via an exposed browser API. Currently, many messaging applications incorporate screen capture detection mechanisms for privacy protection. By integrating an API for detecting screen captures, users could receive notifications if a screenshot of their content is taken.

It's crucial to note that this feature shouldn't be viewed as DRM protection, but rather as a means to inform users of possible copyright violations.

As of 2024, these are the solutions that exist for detecting screenshots, depending on the operating system being used:

This feature could be rolled out with partial support across various operating systems.