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Screen Shot Sharing Has Suddenly Become a Burdensome Process

Making moves

I used to be able to send a screen shot as part of a feedback or help request with various sites. Now, FireFox FORCES me to endure a process of "Are you sure?" fiery hoops in order to do what used to be a single click.  DO YOU THINK YOUR USERS ARE STUPID?  If some people are unable to properly protect their personal information, why make the rest of us suffer?  WHY is it not possible to make this extra layer of security (TIME CONSUMING BULL for some of us) an option that we, the users, can choose to use?  When I first started using FF it was awesome. But overtime it has become an almost daily update intensive horror show, with each update promising to be safer, faster, and yet not safer - a new security update comes out 24 hours later - nor faster --> each update being slower and slower than the previous, with the ironically sad fix of being told to toggle some settings or flush loads of personal info down the drain.   As I was saying, this browser what great in the beginning, but now I'm actively looking for a solution to get the hell away from whatever madness you all are cooking up at your daily "let's make it better" meetings.  Have you ever considered noodling with this program in ways that does not violently shift users from one side of the ship to the other as if we were in an ocean storm, which we kind of are.  FF has become exhausting. Seriously.