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Right click menu in Thunderbird 115 cards mode is unfriendly

Making moves

I want to report this as Junk, or Star it, or mark it as read or unread.

I find all of that in a submenu under "Mark." It is well down the list, almost buried.

I have gotten very good at keyboard commands since switching to cards. The right click method is cumbersome.

Report Junk, Mark read/unread, Star, etc should probably be immediately at the top of the right click menu, exposed and not submenued under Mark. Either that or you should be able to click a button on the card. It was easy to do this in table view because you could include the marking, junk, and star columns right on the table and just click on the indicator.

I think this is probably a necessary UI improvement. Commonly used or important (i.e.: Junk) commands should be exposed and at the top.