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Revolutionizing AI-powered Tab Management & Usage Insights Ideas

Making moves

Dear Firefox Developers,

I'm writing to propose two exciting features that would significantly enhance the browsing experience in Firefox:

1. Customizable Tab Management:

Introduce a dedicated button in the corner of the tab bar. This button would offer a menu for categorizing open tabs based on various criteria:

  1. Time Opened: Organize tabs chronologically, with the most recently opened appearing first.
  2. Custom Categories: Allow users to create personalized categories (e.g., "Programming," "Entertainment," "Cooking") and assign tabs accordingly.
  3. Priority: Analyze user engagement and automatically sort tabs based on which sites they spend the most time on.
  4. Most Visited: Showcase the websites users access most frequently for effortless navigation.


  • Improved organization: Quickly find specific tabs amidst a sea of open windows.
  • Enhanced focus: Reduce distractions by grouping related tabs.
  • Increased productivity: Prioritize tasks by identifying where you spend the most time online.

2. Website Usage Insights:

  • Integrate an option on the Firefox homepage to display average time spent on websites.
  • Allow users to filter insights by:
    • Specific Sites: Track time spent on individual websites, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Amazon, or Wikipedia. This granular level of detail can help users understand how much time they invest in specific online platforms and services.
    • Content Type: Analyze time spent on different content categories, such as videos, articles, games, or social media feeds. This breakdown can reveal if users lean towards passive consumption of videos or prefer actively engaging with articles and online games.


I think that user will get valuable insights of their browsing habits and identify areas for improvement and It will make users aware of time management. By implementing these features, Firefox can revolutionize tab management and user understanding of their browsing behavior. This will lead to a more efficient, focused, and personalized browsing experience for all Firefox users.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the ideas @mshaphin! If you want to submit them to the Ideas page, be sure to submit the ideas individually so they each get the proper attention. To learn more, check out this post on How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps