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return to previous Thunderbird

Making moves

New Thunderbird not as user friendly as previous., especially when writing new email. Difficult to add groups with choice of bcc. Also, great increase in unwanted junk since the update. Any way to revert to the past?????


Familiar face

Version 102 didn't substantially change for writing new mail since the prior version 91.  Did you update from a much older version?

Wayne, Thunderbird Community Manager

Making moves

How do I switch to a previous version of Thunderbird?   You are asking for contributions, but each update for the past year has created what I consider serious problems.  The address book portion of Thunderbird is becoming nearlly impossible to use.  I have been using Thunderbird for just about as long as it has been available and for the last couple of years, it has become increasingly cumbersome, especially for the address books which now now have gone from difficult to use to unusable.   Today, I created three new address books supposedly under 'Personal Address Book' but they appear now under 'All Address Books'.  

That should not be a problem, but they are not usable.  I can see them listed, I can see their content.  Trying to use them as BCC for an email Thunderbird indicates there is no such thing.

I will contribute to you if you can get me a version of Thunderbird from before you screwed up the address books and fix it so I get no further updates.  



Making moves

Also,  if anything comes of this, send me an email.  I will not be checking for a response on this forum.