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Restoring short cut rows to sites visited

Making moves

Thanks so very much for restoring the saved shortcut to sites I have visited.  They were there and then they disappeared. And now their back.

I can't believe how hard it was for me to function without my three rows of websites I use most frequently. And these shortcut icons save me tons of extra work. Some organizations like my HI provider have several, detached sites to do different things. All similar but impossible to keep straight in my memory.  And, even after looking at my history or searches, I can never remember which is the right site to pay bills, order this or find my PC and tests.

I struggled trying to figure out once it was missing after an up date. And now I am relieved to have it back.

My deepest thanks to the volunteers who have behind the scenes done the work that keeps me happy with Firefox.

Respectfully submitted, -- Dennis in Virginia, happy Firefox user



Hi Dennis, I'm not sure what went wrong there, but glad to hear it got straightened out.

For future reference, your list of pinned shortcuts is saved in the cloud when you use Sync, but it is encrypted, so no one at Mozilla can actually read the items on your list. To back them up, you could consider also bookmarking them. Open the page, then use Ctrl+D (or on Mac, Command+D) to create a bookmark. Then if something goes wrong with a shortcut, you'll have them in your bookmarks just in case.