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removed option problem

Making moves

Mozilla has created a big problem for me and the National Weather Service by removing the option to NOT ALLOW UPDATES.  The data from my weather station (see link below) goes directly to the National Weather Service to fill in a remote area.  I had previously been updating manually on the first of every month.  Now the option to do that has been removed completely.  EVERY time an update is sent, my weather station is knocked offline, and data is not sent for 12 to 18 hours - the time it takes me to realize that this has happened.

TELL ME HOW TO DISALLOW UPDATES or I will no longer be a loyal Firefox user.



Are you already using the option to defer updates until you are ready to install them? On the Settings page, in the tiny search box, type update to bring the setting into view. Does that help in your scenario?

Thank you, Collaborator, for your reply, but the lowest circle checked still allows Firefox to send notification of updates, which severs the Firefox connection to the National Weather Service.  The original lowest circle allowed only manual updates.


Hmm, I don't understand why the connection is broken when you set Firefox to wait for instructions before downloading updates.

Firefox has a mechanism for IT administrators to block Firefox from checking for updates (forever). This is meant to be paired with other software updaters and not recommended for home users, but if you need it, you can find information here:


Thank you for taking the time to try to help me.  While I have been using computers for over 40 years, being a retired meteorologist does not give me the skills to reprogram Firefox.   However, I do appreciate your effort!