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"Copy Link Without Site Tracking" doesn't remove Atlassian atlOrigin URL parameter

Making moves

In the following URL, "atlOrigin" is a tracker parameter. However, when I right click the link and choose Copy Link Without Site Tracking, this parameter isn't removed. I think it should be removed.


Making moves

Interestingly, in the email I received about creating this issue, there is a URL like this with an "emcs_t" tracking parameter and Copy Link Without Site Tracking doesn't remove this parameter.


This feature works off a list of confirmed tracking parameters. More will need to be added as site adapt and modify their parameter names.

For reasons I don't understand, Firefox is changing to two lists in an upcoming update (the folders have different open source licenses):

I don't know the best way to get new parameters added. You could file a bug in Bugzilla. I see a few open bugs related to this feature:

Open bugs for copy without tracking in the Privacy & Anti-Tracking component 

Making moves

I'd like to see it drop everything after the ? for most URLs. Vivaldi manages to do a much better job with and I don't know if that's because they use Chromium or because they just have a better handle on the situation. The new 126.0 release still doesn't do this for Substack. I haven't had the opportunity to check any other sites yet.