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"Always ask you where to save files" does not work

Making moves

Apparently this problem has been going on for years and Mozilla does not see fit to fix it. I download a lot of files and have decided not to use Firefox as my default browser because it always puts files in the Downloads folder even with the "Always ask you where to save files" box checked.


Making moves

I have never had that issue.  I have a lot of other issues with the File Download, but not that.

Bear with me if these are stupid questions.

  1. What version of FF are you using? (An older version did have this problem, but it was quite a while ago and I don't remember which version it was.)
  2. Verify that you have the 'Always ask you where to save files' box checked.
  3. in the Applications section below that checkbox, have you verified that you have 'Always ask' for each of the appropriate file types.
  4. Below that is the 'What should FF do with other files?'.  Did you answer 'Ask whether to open or save'?
  5. The process is going to bring up a separate dialog box for every single file. Are you getting the dialog boxes?
  6. If you're downloading more than one file at a time, all of the dialog boxes are going to load, one after the other before you can actually interact with them.  (lots of files will take lots of time).  Are you changing the location in just one of those dialog boxes then just hitting enter on each of the others? 
  7. Are you changing the location on each one?
  8. Are you DL just one file, setting the location, then choosing to DL the others?

Anything else you can tell us?

Making moves

I rarely download anything other than pdf or csv. Everything was checked in FF 117.0.1. Today when I started FF it said that an update was available. I updated to 118.0.1 and asking me where to save appears to be working.

Thanks for the reply.