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problems with bookmarks (both android and pc)

Making moves

Hello, love firefox, been using it since '09. I have at least two things that really annoy me and eventually, I believe others will notice.

1) On PC (I'm using windows 11), I have a bookmark folder for my movies and I've just begun to organize them better for quick access. If I try to use the "Keyword" box for the genre of movie, I can only do it 1 time before it is overwritten. If you use the same keyword in a bookmark link for multiple bookmarks, you'll find that only the last bookmark will save and all the previous bookmarks that you've saved with the same keyword will have been overwritten and lets say I want to just type in "action" into the address bar to quickly see a list of all the action flicks. As it is at present, only 1 link with that keyword will show up. Please fix it so that a "keyword" in the bookmarks menu can be saved multiple times so that many results from the bookmarks menu will be displayed. I've temporarily input the genre into the "tags" line for now but, since I'm using that for the actors, it seems a little janky and disorganized. I struggle to find the right word but it doesn't seem right to put actors and genres into the same line.

2) On android, trying to scroll through my movies in the bookmarks is very difficult and time consuming because I've got hundreds and no end in sight. It would be great if you could fix it so that when you open the bookmarks, every time you click a link, it opens a new tab and leaves the bookmarks open in its own tab. If you try to scroll through a folder with hundreds of links and can't remember exactly what you're looking for, it is VERY frustrating. Another thing to consider adding to the bookmarks is one of those side tabs you sometimes see on the side of googles software that enables you to scroll through a huge list very quickly. Again, I'm at a loss for words for what is the proper term. I'm sure that's at least one reason why such a feature has not yet been implemented.

3)Please remove the Alphabetization of the tags. Some people feel it proper to Alphabetize according to last name.