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Print preview now jumps to the top with each change in Scale % (Firefox 115.3esr)

Making moves

Recently updated from Firefox 102esr to 115esr.

Very happy with 115, except for one unexpected change:  Namely, when I print -- whether Save to PDF or an actual printer -- any adjustment in scaling % causes the preview to jump up to Page 1.  That's inconvenient if, say, I'm trying to reduce the scaling in 1% increments until just the point where I see that a few lines at the top of otherwise-blank page 11 move up to the bottom of page 10.  Then I print pages 1-10.  With the new behavior, I have to keep scrolling back down after each % change to judge the effect; previously the preview position stayed fixed.  (BTW, in my example "original" page 11 could have been either the last page of the document OR that last one that had any content I wanted to print.)

Any suggestions on a way to revert back to the previous, more-convenient behavior?  Thanks.

NOTE:  Since I am using esr, I can't tell exactly when this change first occurred. I can say that Chrome still keeps the Print Preview in its relative position as the Scale % is changed (although the first page may appear for a split-second).