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POP-Fault: Thunderbirt select the next mail-entry into the download-inputlist after download

Making moves


Before i download the komplete mail, I download only the header-line of mail for savety.

When the mail is wished, i download the rest. Is the rest of mail downloaded , then will select the next entry into the mail input-list from Thunderbirt and the wrong contains of a other message will be shown.

The user must to select the actually downloaded mail-entry every again.

It's bad to use, when i download the rest of a selected entry of header-line of mail into the input-list and a other contains of message will be shown after this, because Thunderbirt switch to the next entry of mail-input-list.

When the header-line of mail was downloaded and selected into the input list for download the rest of this mail, should'nt be selected a other entry and shown a other contains of message after the download...thats paradox.

Pease fix this again.
This bug was released for a short time after update 115.7 and was fixed.
Since update 115.9 is this bug back again.