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PDF Application Missing In Settings

Making moves

UPDATE:  I found a solution by searching the threads on these forums, no need for responses or solutions needed on this particular issue.

The PDF application is missing in 98.0.  The only option is default download and save the file, then open.  This is truly a waste of time, effort, and space to download temporary PDF files instead of the option to choose to open in Acrobat.  How do I get the PDF application added back into the setting for Firefox so I can select ALWAYS ASK  or choose a default application.

I have Adobe Acrobat on my computer and until 98.0 was released any PDF files gave me the option to choose to open with Adobe or to save the file.  Most files I read online don't require me to save them for future use.  Now my only option is to use Chrome which allows me to chose how to handle the files.


Making moves

Yes, you can download Youtube videos with VidSaver.