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Page graphics/animation suggestion

Making moves


I normally open two separate Firefox pages when working. One is for personal, another is for business. Would it be possible to choose a different design layout, so that it's easy to make out two different Firefox pages when using it simultaneously.




Hi, I'm not sure whether you mean:

  • You are two different windows that are part of the same Firefox session, or
  • You are opening one window in one Firefox profile, and another window in a separate Firefox profile (using the little-known Profiles feature, similar to the Persons feature in Chrome)

If you have different profiles, each one can have a different theme (either do not sync between the two profiles, or I can give you a hidden setting to prevent the theme from sync'ing).

However, if you are opening the page in two windows in the same session, then Firefox will use the same theme for both windows. I can't think of a great workaround for that, except to assign a different window "title" to each window. Maybe that's worth a try? This is the best known add-on for that: Window Titler.