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Nothing works since I upgraded to the 114.0.2 version this June 25th

Making moves

Been a Firefox user for ages, after Netscape folded, but I never encountered this before.

Right after I upgraded to the latest version available 114-0-2 this June 25th, nothing works, and I even get crash tabs when clicking on the links within the window "About Firefox"!  It's like it's not even connected to the internet, but I know my PC is because I'm using Chrome to post here.  Nothing happens when I try to use it as a browser...  Restarting the application didn't solve the issue, nor troubleshooting mode.

I haven't changed anything on my PC (Win10), so I should not expect this to happen.  This version is crooked in some way, and I hope a new one will be posted soon!  Otherwise I'll have to stay with Chrome...


Making moves

Been experiencing same thing. Using Firefox 114.0.2 on MacOS Ventura 13.4.1. Have high speed internet (400Mbps). Have tried some other browsers with no problems. Firefox barfs on quiting about 60% of the time on a normal close (Firefox -> Quit Firefox). When I reopen later, nothing works. Pages just sitting there trying to connect, or when a page does come up, its a blank screen. It seems the farther down the road on updates, the worse it gets. Been using Firefox for probably 20+ years. I've done everything from clearing cache, clearing history, etc., etc., etc. If this keeps up I will probably go back to Safari, although I dislike it - but it does work.