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New version of Thunderbird

Making moves

I would like to inform the powers that be that when you make changes in these upgrades, you should inform the user that upgrading to the new version will result in a loss of functionality if one wants to return to a previous version.  I updated to version 115, which I hated, but when I sought to restore the previous version my **bleep** profiles had been changed and so I lost my address book and am very angry.

There should be a warning about what happens if you upgrade since everyone does not think your "improvements" are actually improvements.

You should never subject a user to the loss of data because of your upgrades


Making moves

I have just updated automatically to version 115.3.2 (64-bit) It looks horrible and the lines are too close together to read it properly. Is there an option to space the lines a bit moreso I can read it please?

I agree. The new version looks very scrunched and is hard to read. Also the column on the left is so narrow it doesn't show the full wording and there seems to be no way to widen it. I can guess that "I" and a partial "n" means "Inbox" and "D" means "Draft" and "S" with the familiar little arrow thing is "Sent" but it would be nice if the whole thing was readable.

Please return the format to a more readable version.