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New version of Thunderbird

Making moves

Having been a Thunderbird user for many years, I was very pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the new version (Supernova). I think you have all done a fabulous job of the new presentation and it also looks like a lot of work has gone into it - so thanks very much. I am also one of your regular donors so I doubly appreciate what you do.


Making moves


Sorry to say, but the new version is a no-go for us.

Our entire staff is disappointed, the new interface is terrible : Font change makes it really less readable, even the new filter bar is really wrong (location, etc).

We cannot of course downgrade to previous version without installing from scratch, this will simply be a farewell to Thunderbird.


Hi NGFred,

Sorry to hear that you are all disappointed. I have Tbird running on three computers, one Windows 11 and the other two Ubuntu (of course different versions) and I think they made the transition to the new version quite simple and easy. But I can see its not for everyone. Given the amount of work done under the bonnet, I will wait to see the benefits over time, I suspect.

Making moves

SpecSavers for your rob_wildman, the look and feel of this is new version is marmite and if we don't like it then we really ought to be provided the option to revert to the previous look and feel.

Worst upgrade ever dumped on us as a 'take it or leave it'!

Making moves

Yes, I can see a lot of work, but for me it's a downgrade.

The "file edit view..." toll bar should always be at the top.  It's not right for it to be under another bar.

Not sure why the quick filter reduces the interface as it pops open a new bar.  Before it was on the same line.   So it's reducing my view.

Sort order is often out of line when sorting by date.  I get something like this: