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New Thunderbird 115 design is not intuitive

Making moves

Please give users a way to roll back to the old layout and design!

- font is not readable
- location of buttons and menus is completely weird
- behaviour of buttons is not intuitive (tab pops up where no tabs have been before...?)
- "answer" button on the very top line of the window? Why?
- the look of menus and buttons is not consistent

thank you!


Making moves

This latest interface is simply an Obamanation, not needed, not helpful, presumptuous, slows one down when instead increasing productivity is preferred.  If no fix to this is quickly forthcoming to roll back to past / better interface, I will search for another product.

Making moves

Das neue Design ist schlimm. Es ist furchtbar klein. Ich muss die Schriftgröße anpassen, damit ich etwas lesen kann. Brillenträger und knapp über 50. 😉

Das schlimme an der Schriftgröße anpassen, wirkst sich auch auf den Kalender aus. Ich kann den Monat nicht mehr komplett sehen. 

Vorher war alles okay.

Bitte fixen oder rückgängig machen.



Making moves

Agree to this. As Full Stack developer, graphic and UI designer, Thunderbird UI is far for being intuitive at all. Looks like more for a Pro/Sysadmin user than for a Regular User...