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New Density Options/choices in 115.4.3 are terrible

Making moves

The new Density options, in my opinions, do not present a nice user experience.  They are either too tight/condensed or way too relaxed.  There is no happy medium.  There isn't even an option to keep the same style/density as before (which I thought was perfect). 

With the new choices, the folder panel on the left is perfect (like the older versions) on the condensed density, but the email pane/list is WAY TOO tight.  Setting it to default make the main email list pane better but not great and the folder pane is WAY too lax (especially when you have many folders like I do).  And the Relaxed option is just way too relaxed and unusable. 

Maybe you guys can add an option/choice to put it back like it was OR if that is not possible, separate density options for each pane. 




How to restore the pre-Supernova display density and ? message list spacing

Height of the inbox list view

Try userChrome.css

/* ---How to restore pre-supernova display density-- */
:root {
--list-item-min-height: 20px !important;
--list-item-buttons-size: 20px !important;
/* ---Message list spacing-- */
tr[is="thread-row"] {
height: 5px !important;
/* ---Height of the inbox list view-- */
#threadPane {
min-height: 110px !important; /* default 200px */