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New change is terrible!

Making moves

Apparently Firefox has updated to where now every link I click on opens with a new tab or a new window, depending on what I have set in settings. Why no more opening in the SAME tab? Now I get many many tabs that I have to keep closing. It's frustrating! Give us the option to open in current tab again, please.



Links should still open in the same tab unless

(A) They are coded (in the page) to open in a new window/tab. This is sometimes true of search engine results, and you can choose whether to open in the same or a new tab in their preferences. (For example, on or

(B) The current tab is pinned and the link is to a different site. Firefox tries to keep pinned tabs within the same site.

There is a (hidden) preference for whether to open bookmarks in a new tab, so if there is a problem with bookmarks, please mention that.