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Multiple updates in 24 hours - 115.1 0esr 64 bit - Win7-64

Making moves

I have had three updates of Firefox in the last 24 hours,  and each appear to merely update to the same exact version.  The one I am already using.  Sadly,  this forces me to relog in to every site I keep open,  each and every time,  a process that can take up to 40 minutes of my day,  not that I have that many sites logged in,  but their log in processes keep adding in extra layers.   While I do plan on updating my computer,  I have much more important things I have to do (pull and fix/replace my well pump so I do not have to go get water several times a week,  and replace piping inside the house that requires me to move my office to another already filled room -- with a bad leg,  moving things is slow and painful).  Please either stop with this nonsense or let me know that I need to go to a different browser.  Thank you.